As a size 20 woman with 50+ inch hips, I’m definitely plus-size.Let’s be real,the fashion industry is lacking in producing clothes for the various body types.And if you are a plus size girl,  It’s hard enough to find things that fit. Though this is definitely changing for the better. Now I can walk into a shop and actually find skinny jeans that fit me! That was impossible a few years ago.

Over the course of our lives, bigger girls take a lot of shit from people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.  People make a lot of assumptions about what we can and can’t do or what we should and shouldn’t wear.  But things are changing.Women like you and me are showing all the amazing things we do in our daily lives from yoga to dancing; and curvy bloggers are killing the style game.  Anyone who has read some of my writing on here knows I’m a huge supporter of Breaking Plus Size Fashion Rules. though sometimes it’s more difficult to put that into action.

Getting back on track, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of things that I have heard people say that plus size girls cant do. Of course, being your plus size guru and activist, I am here to prove them wrong! Power to the plus size ladies, yeah?That said, let’s review some of the things people think we can’t/shouldn’t do. And let’s also smash them to “nothingness,” shall we?

1. Plus size women can’t wear tight dresses.

Hello! Tight dress anyone? Yes we can!



2.Plus size women can’t wear bright colours!

As I’ve said before, “you can’t hide the fat“! I am a big girl and dark colors wont change that… If I took off my black dress and changed into a red one no one would be like “whoa! I thought you were a size 10!!! that black dress really fooled me!!” So, rock that bright coloured dress you have locked up in your closet.

That red dress sure does look good! 😉 Oh wait, and its tight!

3.Plus size ladies can’t wear crop tops.

If you’re super self conscious about wearing one, rock it with some high waist shorts or pants. Then you’re good to go! Or find a cut out dress like I did. Remember, baby steps is the key.

Yes, I went there, A crop top and patterns! Talk about breaking the ultimate plus size fashion rules! who said we can’t?


4.What is she doing on the Runway?

Designers can look at plus size fashion as an opportunity, not a difficult task. Plus size fashion is an after-thought to a lot of retailers out there. It’s getting better though. We need more plus size designers out here.

Runways are the best part of plus size modelling. Seriously, there is nothing as exciting as seeing a plus size women on the runway working it!

5.Be athletic/Keeping fit.

Let us be honest here, I hate this work outs. If i had an option I would opt out of it. But a girls’ gotta keep fit. My health comes first before anything else.

6. Plus size women can’t wear Patterns.

You’ve probably heard that florals and patterns are an absolute no no for bigger girls. Um, you know what? Florals and other prints look rad no matter what your body type is.

Big Bold Patterns can be worn. Find Patterns and mix them up. You can start with a single pattern and eventually work up to mixing and matching different patterns.

7.Be on Magazine Covers.

Hello, What is a Fat girl doing on a magazine cover? Why shouldn’t we be? It isn’t just about changing the industry, it’s also about self-esteem. I think that every woman goes to the magazine rack sometimes and feels like she can’t see herself in the cover images. Readers need to feel like they can see themselves in the cover or someone who represents them.


8.Anything Sleeveless.

Oh no, fat on arms! Oh, the humanity! Please, most people on the planet don’t have super toned, stellar guns. Don’t torture yourself if it is hot out and wear that cute tank dress.


I still have a few more images that prove that Plus size Women can do/ wear anything they want to. Like,  Wear a two piece swimsuit, wear shorts, wear Lingerie,Do Yoga, Go Dancing,Be in relationships, e.t.c but am going to let you first absorb the above. Like I love saying, baby steps. Have you ever been told that you can’t perform a certain task or wear certain clothing? Tell us about your experiences. We would love to hear you out.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video.