Ola Loves!

The weather has been chilly and rainy for the last couple of weeks and we all know dressing for cold weather can be a bit of a juggling act! You need to keep warm, while accommodating the various activities of your day (commute/exercise/office/dinner and whatever else), while looking stylish and pulled together! I know Right? Sigh!

However, just because it’s freezing out, doesn’t mean we have to collectively resign ourselves to giving up on style. It just means we all have to think a bit more creatively when getting dressed in the morning.

Remember Ladies, dressing for the elements is a matter of practicality. Especially when you are going to the office.  Here are a few looks I put together.


What you wear when you’re commuting to work matters. If you’re comfortable during your ride or walk to work, you have less of a need to catch up and warm up once you arrive at the office. Wear something that you shouldn’t feel the need to immediately rip them off the moment you walk through the door.


With this look, you can layer on a warm knitted scarf for that extra warmth. Plus, You can take it off when the weather becomes warmer! And ladies, Don’t shy away from colours! Just because it is dull outside, doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colours!




Did you know that Trench Coats are the perfect way to make an outfit pulled together? Whichever style you choose, a trench coat is prepped to be your go-to, wear-with-everything outerwear essential.

Give some life to your business wardrobe with a modern take on the power-dressing trench. I added a hooded trench coat to my outfit, dressy heels and a checked Dress.


Think new shapes, like a swing style or updated silhouettes, to add interest to your dress code and update your look.


Don’t be afraid of colours! Think of pale powder pinks and blues, or brighter pops of colour, the last thing you put on is definitely the first thing people will notice.


The classic trench is a must-have investment, whatever your budget.

Cheers! 🙂