Ola Loves!😘

Are you having one of those days? You know… not feeling good enough, pretty enough? Let’s face it. Sometimes we feel so out of it. I know I do. So I came across this wonderful piece of advice that I though best to share. ☺

“Perhaps the body you are currently in is not as perfect as you would like it to be and you can change it into whatever form you desire of it! But right now, the standing truth is that the body you are in RIGHT NOW, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, is your reality and you can choose to embrace it or hate it, both up to you.

If your reality doesn’t make you happy then change it. Stop whining and wishing you looked different because you don’t look different, you look like what you look like now. Deal with it. There is nothing attractive about self-hate and working on changing yourself into whatever form that pleases you is the only way to deal with your unpleasant reality.

You are not ugly and your body, the number of the scale, the saggy parts, the stretch marks, the not so round booty, the missing thigh gap, your crooked off white teeth, your flabby arms, do not describe you, there is more to you than the body you are in. There is more to you. You are not the skin that covers your bones. You are not all those things you hate about yourself.

Change the way you see yourself. it is only from within ourselves that we will ever be able to change the world because it is from our own insecurities, our own demons, our own acts of self destruction, that the world is as morbid as it is now. We are the makings of the world.”

Remember to love every inch of yourself.